Use the player below to listen to extracts of some of our live and studio recordings

You can also hear the following tracks online elsewhere:

• Gordon Kerry's Music (La Musique) and Moya Henderson's I Lost a World the Other Day and an extract from Dan Walker's The Mystic Blue from Kingfisher - Songs for Halcyon (TP236)

• extract of Ross Edward's Maninya I from Waves II

• Extract from Andrew Ford's Willow Songs from Waves I

• Live versions of Nigel Butterley's Mysteria Orphei and Graham Hair's O Venezia Pt 1 on ABC Classic FM's Rewind Australian Music collection

• Four podcasts of Kingfsher works recorded in concert by Andrew Ford, Jane Stanley and Gillian Whitehead, Dan Walker, Nigel Butterley and Gordon Kerry, Andrew Schultz and Sharon Calcraft and Rosalind Page and Graham Hair including interviews with Jenny and Alison about the project as part of ABC Classic FM's New Waves Podcasts

• extract from Ruth Lee Martin's Wimmera Song Cycle from A Vision of Wildflowers

• extract from Michael Berkeley's Winter Fragments, recorded live

• apple and blackberry, recorded live, from Kerry Andrew's fruit songs on her soundcloud page

• extract from Katy Abbott's No Ordinary Traveller from Sunburnt Aftertones

• Elliott Gyger's From the Hungry Waiting Country, live performance for Melbourne University's 2009 Festival of Ideas

Claire de lune from Rosalind Page's appolinairesongs from Cool Black


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